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VidProposals Review: An Honest First-Look Can It Help You Close Deals?

What Is VidProposals?

Neil Napier’s secure all-in-one business proposal/contract management suite VidProposals helps you create professional video proposals (even legal contracts!) So can it help you seal the deal?

How Does It Work?

The claim is "Create video proposals in just 3 steps. No technical skills. No need for hosting. No monthly fees."

Is it true?

Let's see...

STEP 1: After logging in to a nicely clean dashboard, the first thing we notice is a "Start from Scratch" button.  So far, so good. We know exactly what do.  Next we pick our layout: screen, webcam, or webcam + screen.  Simple enough, and makes total sense.  We are choosing whether the video we send to our prospective client is going to be our screen only (us not on camera), webcam (us on camera), or both. Convenient.

And, if we preferred, we don't have to start from scratch. We could pick from a pre-built template, to make our lives easier. The template library appears well thought-out and covers a number of niches (all the common ones are covered), and even include pre-made videos targeting the client's "pain points."  

Either way, we can personalize and edit our proposals and contracts, and embed links to our calendar for booking, or many other options.

STEP 2: We SHARE our video.  Cool bonus, they added ability to embed the video on your websites, add custom thumbnails, and helpfully: add a call to action on the video. Even MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can collect e-signatures from your prospective clients. 


STEP 3: (optional). If you don't already have a prospect in mind for your offer, this system helps you find leads from anywhere in the world. Enter business type and location, and go from there!

Why Do You Need It?

The biggest advantage we can see for using this is it streamlines and consolidates the process.  This should reduce going back-and-forth in email, and/or keeping track of documents in multiple places.  Add to that the proposals are effectively "locked in" after the e-signature happens - neither you nor the client can go back and change anything on the contract - and you have radically improved the level of commitment in the process. Anyone who has ever run an agency (or wants to) knows how handy improving client commitment can be!

Who Needs This?

We suggest that most small agencies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, seo's, digital marketers, and even small local businesses could easily benefit from using this.  

If you are a big agency with lawyers on retainer, you probably have all this covered (even still... it's a straightforward, handy tool that might help you get things done FASTER!)


  • Easy to Use

  • Made for Non-Technical People

  • Password-Protected Proposals!

  • The Hosting Is Included

  • Fast

  • No Monthly Fees


  • We would like to see even greater control over some of the formatting (this may be covered by one of the otos)



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